Episode 87: Ashes, ashes…

February 19, 2010

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Fat Tuesday has come and gone, but for Kevin Smith and IHOP, the fat
fun is just beginning! Also this week, Family Guy mocks the Palins,
Death Cat gets trumped by a bigger species, and the world now has proof
that no one cares about the biathlon…or several other Winter Olympics
sports! (Recorded Feb. 17, 2010)

206-337-9910 is the new BUCKET line number … call the show today, let us know your thoughts!

NEWSWIRE (News stories)
VICTORY IS MINE!!: Corey gives his ex-landlord hell!!!
Now Hiring: Rhode Island School System. Requirements: A Heartbeat and no union contract!
Forget Death Cat…DEATH BEAR can help you get over a bad relationship
IHOP-ic Fail: Pancake chain to offer a free short stack…a week too late

TEXTUAL HEALING with Big Louie Smooth (from TextsFromLastNight.com)

Re-live for the most romantic “holiday” of the year with Big Louie’s selection of sexy time texts!

THE BARF BAG (from ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com)
This week’s delicious item is the Ash Wednesday approved Doughnut Upside Down Cake
BONUS ITEM: Turtle Cheeseburger

SPORTS CORNER (Sports stories)
All purpose Vancouver Olympics update: Ratings prove that karaoke should be an Olympic Sport
Even NBCOlympics.com hates NBC Olympics coverage
NBA trade deadline: Can the contenders snag some help while the pretenders clear some cap space?

LOU’S MONEY SHOT for cash and prizes
Get YOUR Dart Foundation update and see if Louie Dee hit a low ton and win one BUCKET listener something awesome (probably not)

“When It Dies” by Big Blue Spruce (Visit the Big Blue Spruce Website)


“SkyMall item of the week” theme: “Planning for the Routine” by Leaving Richmond (Music Alley profile)

Sports Corner Theme: “Dodging Buses” by Derek K. Miller (Music Alley profile)

Primate Update Theme: “Meltdown Man” by Derek K. Miller (Music Alley profile)

The new BUCKET Remix theme composed and performed by The Geoff Smith. Old theme too!

All podsafe artists/music are courtesy of IODA Promonet and Music Alley.

Know of a great podsafe/indy artist we should feature? Let us know at BUCKETRemix(at)gmail.com!

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news, politics, sports, entertainment, movies, TV, podcast, podsafe,
Skymall, Barack Obama,
Obama-mania, landlords, Rhode Island, teachers, unions, fired, pancakes, Death Bear, IHOP, Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Catholic, Lent, Easter, Big Blue Spruce, NBA, Olympics, biathlon, curling, NBC, television, lame.

206-337-9910 is the new BUCKET line number … call the show today, let us know your thoughts!

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