Episode 82: A BUCKET Christmas

December 21, 2009

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Merry Christmas BUCKETheads!! It’s the old-time country Christmas special, as Corey and Lou settle by the fireplace with eggnog in hand and Christmas sweaters adorned. They look back at the best Christmas specials and Christmas movies of all time, while bringing you tons of podsafe Christmas music for your holiday driving enjoyment.  206-337-9910 is the BUCKET “pail mail” line, call us today! (Direct Link to MP3, Recorded Dec. 19, 2009)

206-337-9910 is the new BUCKET line number … call the show today, let us know your thoughts

The big northeast blizzard of 2009 in full effect
Mrs. Claus prevented from marching in parade next to Santa
Real trees “greener” than fake trees
12 Days of Christmas costs $87,402

Aculife Therapist Deluxe ($150)

25 Best Christmas Movies of all time (MovieFone)
25 Best Christmas Songs of all time (MusicRadar)
9 fattiest Christmas Creations (from Thisiswhyyourefat.com)

“The Podsafe Christmas Song” by Jonathan Coulton (link)
“Not So Silent Night” by Charlie Crowe (Music Alley)
“White Christmas will be Blue” by Beatrice Ericsson (Music Alley)
“Oh Holy Night” by Allison Crowe (Music Alley)
“Re-Gifting for the Holidays” by The Alice Project (Music Alley)
“Jingle Bells” by Natalie Brown (link)
“Merry xXxMas” by Tailhook Echo (Music Alley)
“Walk a Thousand Miles” by Matthew Ebel (Music Alley)

“Little Drummer Dude” and “Joy Bounce” by Charlie Crowe (Music Alley)
“Linus and Lucy” by J.E.L.L.i. (Music Alley)
“Let it Snow” by Bit Shifter – by The 8BitPeoples (link)
(check out PodsafeChristmas.com for the best in podsafe music this holiday season)


“SkyMall item of the week” theme: “Planning for the Routine” by Leaving Richmond (Music Alley profile)

The new BUCKET Remix theme composed and performed by The Geoff Smith. Old theme too!

All podsafe artists/music are courtesy of IODA Promonet and Music Alley, or are registered with Creative Commons.

Know of a great podsafe/indy artist we should feature? Let us know at BUCKETRemix(at)gmail.com!

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206-337-9910 is the new BUCKET line number … call the show today, let us know your thoughts!

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