Louie Dee joins the cast of BUCKET

August 10, 2009
Note from Corey: Hi BUCKETHeads, I’m proud to welcome the newest member of the BUCKET cast you’ll hear as we fire up the microphones for real on August 21 … my good friend and softball compatriot, Louie Dee.
Below is his bio … you’ll hear the fiery, pull-no-punches Louie Dee on promos all this week on our podcast feed.

New BUCKET co-host Louie Dee

New BUCKET co-host Louie Dee

Louie Dee is one of the co-hosts of the new BUCKET podcast.

Often the liberal yin to Corey’s conservative yang, Lou doesn’t mind being his second banana – because, in Lou’s words, “people are too lazy to pick on the one in the back.”

Under his “government name,” Lou is the Editorial Director for a fundraising and marketing company by day and a freelance sports writer by night.

But he’s no stranger to the airwaves, either; Lou is a frequent contributor to “The Sport Buffet with Matt West” on 1080-AM ESPN Radio Orlando as an NFL analyst, has a “highlight” reel of gigs from his stint as a child actor and may or may not have a sex tape, depending on how much money you have to offer him.

Otherwise, he’s your average American male. Lou is an ardent New York sports fan that somehow also roots for the Philadelphia Eagles, UNC Tar Heels and Florida Gators, quotes movie lines entirely too much and spends the rest of his unhealthy existence playing golf, softball or bar trivia.

Of course, Lou is a Gemini, which means there’s a whole other side to him, too…and when “Angry Lou” comes out to rant about something that’s not sitting right in his world, anything can happen.

We’re still not sure how the heck Lou and Corey co-exist – our only guess is corndogs.

Oh, yeah, and Lou also thinks monkeys = hilarity.

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