Mini-Sode 1 – Monkey Armageddon!!

July 16, 2009

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In this first \”mini-sode\” of BUCKET Remix, Corey looks at the impending Monkey Armageddon approaching in the first Primate Update in 2 years!! Monkeys controlling robots! Robots eating people!!  See where this leads?

It leads to NEW EPISODES OF BUCKET, beginning August 21!!  Here\’s the linkage, BUCKETheads!!


Monkey Moves Robot Using Mind Control — A monkey fitted with a hi-tech brain chip has learned to move a complex robotic arm using mind control.
Upcoming Military Robot Could Feed on Dead BodiesIt could be a combination of 19th-century mechanics, 21st-century technology — and a 20th-century horror movie.

The new BUCKET Remix theme composed and performed by The Geoff Smith.

For more on the show, visit http://www.BUCKETRemix.com!!

One comment

  1. I, for one, welcome our new flesh-eating robot monkey masters.


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