A second look at Second Life

July 12, 2009

Took a late night spin through the virtual world of Second Life today in my old Corey Akula virtual avatar.

Corey Akula in Corona Cay, Second Life's hub for podcasters

Corey Akula in Corona Cay Sunday morning, Second Life's hub for podcasters

Man, has that place changed!! Almost all the spots devoted to the podcast community are gone. Only Corona Cay sim seems to be doing well. No more Podcast Island or Podshow Island either. And BUCKET’s old home in Nowhereville is now residental, and no longer the hip island resort it once was.

I’m still trying to figure out if BUCKET will have any Second Life component in it in its second incarnation. Depends on how much I get back there before the August 21 debut, I guess.

But is SL on the ropes? I don’t see the old SLInsider.com gang publishing much in their new home at Massively.com anymore. Has SL’s learning curve scared off too many potential users … expecting The Sims and instead, getting simply confused?

I’ll investigate … but I still enjoy flying through the skies of SL, with the virtual wind whipping thru my hair.

If you see me, Corey Akula, be sure to say HI!


  1. Hi Corey,
    We haven’t met before, but I’m one of the SL podcasters that came in after you left. I heard all the old Bucket podcasts and I’m looking forward to the next incarnation.
    Not to worry, the podcasting community is still alive and kicking in Second Life. Thanks to Stuart Warf, we even had a very successful presence at SL6B this year. Podshow Island is no more (good riddance), but Podcast Island DOES still exist- its just been renamed Corona Cay, the place you explored in this blog post. This is where most of the podcasters gather and have live podcasting events on a weekly basis, at the SLPN studio. (The SL podcasts can be found at slpodcast.net).

    I wrote a blog post that takes a closer took at Corona Cay and its amenities, in case you wanted to take a look. There are still some available spots on the island, should you want to come back. 🙂

    Anyway, looking forward to the next post, and upcoming podcast. I’m sure I’ll bump into you in world, one of these days.

    Nika Dreamscape

    • Thank you Nika … I’ll try to say HI if I pop back in for a visit. I just may have to re-open a BUCKET Bureau/Studio at the Cay 🙂

      Is there still a PodCamp Second Life get-together?

  2. […] those of us always here the truth is known and it’s sort of like asshat here who I guess left Second Life (perhaps to attend beauty school) and came back with the most idiotic […]

    • LOL … I could go into TONS of trends that could show SL is out of favor with the tech community. REUTERS even bailed on SL coverage, as well as the numerous amounts of advertisers that abandoned virtual campaigns in world. But THAT’s NOT A BAD THING for the dedicated members of the SL community (as you obviously are) who find their niche and embrace it.
      I’m just making the observation that the old podcasting community that flooded into Second Life with Adam Curry and Podshow have mostly abandoned the place in the two years I’ve been away from SL, leaving only those who found Second Life’s community aspects worthwhile and fulfilling. Maybe that’s a GOOD thing for SL, that the dedicated avatars flourish now. Just my thoughts from this “asshat”.

  3. Hey, Corey. I saw you flying around but by the time I got off the phone and could focus on SL again, you were already gone. Welcome back! It was surprising and good to see your name pop up on the Mystitool.

    Personally, and these are all just my opinions and no one else’s, I see Corona Cay as something a lot different than the old podcasting hubs. It’s not a Podcast Island or anything like that. Yeah, it has SLPN, and yeah, it has a lot of podcasters, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s almost like podcasting happens to be a medium that’s used by some of the residents, but there isn’t the incessant focus on “I’M A PODCASTER!” that used to drip off of every podcasting related community in SL. And personally, I’m kind of glad. Podcasting is a tool, a medium, but I think the days of metababble and insular communities where it’s all podcasting all the time are dead. And I’m more than fine with that.

    The other question about SL insider gang, etc, I think is just like anyone returning to something after a time off. A lot of the names are going to be different. And a lot of the focus will have changed, shifted, whatever. It’s independent of the question of whether it’s on the ropes. As humans, we always look at change and say “this is not the same, it’s not as good” and sometimes we’re right, but usually we’re just defining “good” and “healthy” as “what I remember.”

    People come and go. SL is a past time and one that’s got to take second or third or fourth or 1000th priority behind everything else in life. So sometimes we have time for it, and sometimes we wouldn’t notice if it was swallowed up by a giant flood. I don’t think the fact that certain people are not in SL much alone is any kind of indicator. It might be an indicator that certain communities have changed, or the focus of a lot of people has changed, or whatever, but that’s about it.

    I personally am enjoying the days of non-self-conscious podcasting in SL. Podcasting that’s not so self-aware that it forgets that podcasting shouldn’t be an end to itself.

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