Phantom powered!

July 9, 2009
The microphones await...

The microphones await...

Another late night at the casa de BUCKET.

The new microphone setup is ready to go. All hooked up to the Alesis MultiMix8 Firewire, my two AKG Perception 220’s, plus a few dynamic mics for roundtables with all the co-hosts, if needed.

I’m working on a few “mini-sodes” of 1-3 minutes long to go out on the podcast feed in anticipation of our August 21 debut.  Yes, August 21, write it down! The new BUCKET will be in your iPod/iTunes that day! Keep an eye out for those starting Monday.

Also, The Geoff Smith can created the new BUCKET theme song, a remix of the old classic theme from the first 58 episodes. A snippet of the theme will shortly be out on the new podcast feed. Please subscribe to hear it.

I’ve been getting a bunch of well-wishes on the BUCKET Brigade group on Facebook and thru the new BUCKET Twitter account (twitter.com/MyBUCKET).  It’s great to hear from all of you again … a community I’ve long missed.

I should probably pop into Second Life as well and take a look around. Corey Akula (my “virtual” Corey) is probably still wearing the same old ratty jeans and sweater.

More updates to come as August 21 moves closer and closer!!

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